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First, can you share a brief explanation about yourself as a designer?
I’m a freelancer designer for 9 years and love creating new things for people around the world.

How would you describe your approach to design?
I love to create things when I was a small kid. So I pursuit my dreams and learn more about design after graduating from secondary school.

You are very well known for your creative work on web design, what drives your interest on web design?
It’s the challenge that every different assignments given to me. Having meet the requirement and impressing my clients, it keeps me going for more.

Is there any influence to your way of thinking (Designing)? What are they? And how does it feed your work?
Inspirations from other respected designers around the world always keeps me fueled to have more out of the box design for my work.

What is the very part of designing you found critical? How do you deal with it ?
We have to know our limitation and what you can deliver. There are some task that were not meant for you. Just let it go.

How do you deal with pressure on designing your artwork?
I usually take a break from work and resume after I rest enough.

What is the very project you found challenging in your career?
The ones that doesn’t give much information, delays it and expected you to deliver within 12 hours.

What type of project do you enjoy working the most? And why?
I enjoy designing cards because it’s less complex.

What do you found is the best thing about being a graphic designer?
The flexibility of my working hours and people liking my work!

What characters do you think every designer should have?
Bold, Patience and Passionate.

Do you have any rule of thumb to maintain a good design?
Keeping things simple.

Is there anything that you avoid in the process of designing?
Avoid being self-centered. Always open to others and listen.

What’s the best advice you’ve heard and repeat in terms of designing?
Keep trying and trying.

You’ve been awarded as one of the best female web designer in the world. In your opinion what is your strength point among the majority?

I don’t think I am that good. I’ve seen a lot of web designers in the world who are capable of creating far more creative designs.

How do you think online design resources have influenced the graphic design being produced today?
It’s a lot faster and easier unlike the old time. It gave productivity and choices much more freedom.

What are you passionate about besides your work?

Is there any goal you want to achieve next?
Being a better photographer? :)

Do you have any suggestion to the young graphic designer who will plunge into the industry?
Keep trying, Keep inspired and always think outside the box.

In your opinion, how big it is the impact of graphic design for the Internet industry?
Well, it does make a lot of differences. The key to the best surfing experience will be a properly designed website. Always.