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Bel Koo - since 2006 she've been working Globally with corporate, profession and start-ups to create a professional brand identity, web design & photography to be more awesome.


Bel and the team is from a different country. We work globally, anywhere is our workplace.

Bel Koo, a Malaysia based Creative Graphic Designer and Photographer; diploma in Graphic Design (PIA College – Perak Institute of Art). Since 2006, Bel Koo Design have been providing Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Web Design, Wedding Stationary Design and Photography services for profession, corporate and the wedding couples.

She also had a worldwide client roster includes United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and more, and her works is featured in design related gallery, publications and exhibition.

She was also the co-founder of The Chapter – award winning photography studio specialised in Portraits Photography.


2019, Two Bronze Awards in Maternity Portrait category, at The Portrait Masters Awards 2019.
2019, One Bronze Award in Family Portrait category, at The Portrait Masters Awards 2019.
2018, Judges of Nando’s Art Initiative 2018 (YOUthReka Art Competition).
2018, Two Bronze Awards in Family Portrait category, at The Portrait Masters Awards 2018, USA.

2016 – 2017, “Bronze A’ Design Award Winner” in Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category, A’ Design Award and Competition, Italy.

2016, Red X Design CTA Exhibition, Taiwan

2016, CTA Vol.3, Creative Talk in Asia, Taiwan

2016, The Pictograms, SendPoints Publishing, China

2015, ArtMax Magazine, Indonesia

2014, CUTOUT Magazine, Malaysia

My work has been received recognition on online design showcase and featured in a variety of printed publications such as CUTOUT Magazine Malaysia, ArtMAX Magazine (Indonesia), SendPoints Publishing (China), Creative Talk in Asia CTA (Taiwan),Red X Design CTA Exhibition (Taiwan).

Woman in Web Design Around the World (by Onextrapixel) / Best Female Web Designer Around the World (by Indeziner) / 25 Hot Female Web Designers (by Lee Munroe).

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